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Success Looks Like This is a digital and physical photo exhibition commemorating minority/Muslim women making strides in the tech industry. The exhibition was first carried out in 2019, and this year’s exhibition will feature 37 minority/Muslim women in the tech industry covering various domains from data analysis to cybersecurity. 

“As investments into the industry continues to grow, creating new employment opportunities in today’s digital economy, it’s important for minority women to be given opportunities to find their own path in this industry to prevent further marginalisation in society. That is the premise for why The Codette Project was founded in 2015 and we remain committed to this mission."

Nurul Jihadah Hussain, Founder of The Codette Project

But what does it actually mean to be successful?

Just like the women featured in this exhibition, the definition of success is diverse and all are equally deserving of being celebrated.

You will see the faces of minority women in Singapore who have carved out their careers in the technology industry. The stories that accompany these portraits unveil an underlying theme of determination and grit by women trying to prove their worth and justify their seat at the table.

While more can be done to move the needle in terms of minority women representation in the industry, we want to show that success stories from within the community already exist.

Through these images and stories, we seek to empower minority women to own and reclaim their narratives of success.