Anastasia Pavlovic


First impression of Singapore: 
Extremely clean and orderly — there is a sense of organised design of the country that I really appreciate – it makes it very easy to get around the country! 

Have you watched the 1997 Fox animated film, “Anastasia”? If yes, is there a characteristic of Anastasia that you relate to? 
Definitely watched the movie! Has always been my favourite and loved all of the dresses she wore (fun fact – I made the “Once upon a December” dress for a dress-up party!). The characteristic I relate most to would be her independence. 

What is the best thing about your cultural background? 
I think that it’s more complex than what I had initially thought it would be. 

What is a recent hobby you’ve picked up? 
Podcasting! You can check out the Young Changemakers podcast that I hosted for season 2. 

How many languages are you already fluent in and if you could become fluent in another language, what language would it be? 
I’m (allegedly) fluent in Indonesian but haven’t been able to learn Serbian properly – would really love to be fluent so I can speak to my family. 

A book or film that has inspired you: 
Selma – a film that moved me to tears and one that will continue to leave an impact on me in the future. 

If you were to write a biographical book about your life, what would you name it? 
Mind over Matter.

The best thing about being a part of The Codette Project is… 
The people – they have gotten me through some of the hardest and toughest of times. I can’t imagine what I would be like without the Codette team!