Atikah Razak

“I’m currently working in the public service as a communications/branding manager. I specialise in managing integrated marketing campaigns, as well as content strategy and production. In my free time, I enjoy photography, and this also happens to be the area in which I contribute to Codette the most. Besides doing photography coverage of events, I am also in charge of the ‘Success Looks Like This’ photo project.”


Most underrated place that you have traveled to:
Iran! Most people think that it’s a scary/dangerous place, but the truth is the total opposite! The culture, people, and scenery are just amazing.

How would you describe your personal style? 
Fancy Lounge (lol)

Who is a style icon that you absolutely admire? 
Yoyo Cao!

Favourite element to photograph:
I love capturing natural light and how it illuminates the raw landscape, or even on random objects.

What is one stereotype about minority/Muslim women you wish you could dispel?
That somehow we’re ‘conservative’ and ‘not modern’.

Which book or film has shaped your idea of women and femininity? 
Top Girls by Caryl Churchill.