Liyana Rosli

“I have over 5 years of experience in recruitment, people and culture in the technology and gaming industry. Projects I have worked on while I am in Codette include the Hackathon and the first Future Forward Career Convention, both which took place in 2019. When I am not working, I am journaling or writing, or grinding it out in video games!”


What’s your favourite thing to do on your day off? 
I don’t really have day offs due to my schedule, but I try to find small pockets of time every day to do things I enjoy. If I only have an hour, I try to reflect on my day through journaling, or write an additional page or two of my book. If I have a few hours to spare, I usually spend the time drawing or grinding a few missions in the games I play, such as the Monster Hunter series.

What’s something you love to collect?
Small mementos of my day to day. It could be the name card of a cafe I had lunch, or the sticker used to seal the box of cake I received, or the ticket stub to an exhibit I visited. 

What would you consider to be your uniform?
A dark coloured shirt with jeans, paired with sneakers and a backpack. 

A place you have been wanting to visit:
This is a tricky one as I have many places I would like to go, but if I had to choose, it would be New Zealand to visit the Lord of the Rings filming locations as I am a huge LOTR fan.

The best advice you have received: 
It is not really advice per se, but it would be the quote “Chaos is a Ladder” from Game of Thrones. Life is chaotic, consisting of things you know, and things which are scary and unknown to you. You need to rise above it by constantly learning and making sense of the chaos. 

What makes a heroine? 
People who are not afraid to speak up when they see something wrong and to stand for something they believe in.

How do you deal with negativity? 
Wisdom is to let go. If you do not like everyone around you, why are you upset when you know people do not like you? The only opinion that should matter to you is your opinion of yourself, as well as the people in your circle of trust.

One awesome thing the women around you have showed you about yourself: 
You can be your own support system.

What attracted you about The Codette Project? 
I am constantly amazed at the work they do in their professional and personal lives. I am super fortunate to be part of a community building an ecosystem for minority women to get into the tech industry